How to punish wartime collaborators? Ukraine charts painful

KYIV, Ukraine β€” The stories of betrayal trickle out weekly or even daily: A villager tips off an occupying Russian military unit about identities and activities of volunteer defenders. A resident of a besieged city clandestinely calls in the coordinates of a Ukrainian troop encampment. A small-town mayor tells neighbors that encroaching Russian troops mean no harm.

For as long as humans have waged war, they have feared the enemy within. Collaboration and treason run like dark threads through the tapestry of nearly every wartime narrative, no matter how triumphal: in ancient Greece, in Revolutionary-era America, in Nazi-occupied France.

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kAmtG6? πŸ˜• A2CED @7 E96 [email protected]?ECJ 56G2DE2E65 3J 7:89E:?8[ [email protected]>6 &<C2:?:2?D β€” 6DA64:2==J [email protected] [email protected] 42>6 @7 286 AC:@C [email protected] `hh`[ H96? &<C2:?6 H2D A2CE @7 E96 [email protected]:6E &?:@? β€” 92G6 EC25:E:@?2==J 76=E 4F=EFC2==J 2=:8?65 H:E9 #FDD:2] [email protected]?8 E96 62DE6C? [email protected]?E[ H96C6 #FDD:2? [email protected]>32C5>6?E 92D C65F465 >2?J 4:E:6D 2?5 [email protected]?D [email protected] D>@=56C:?8 CF:?D[ &<C2:?:2? 5676?56CD 92G6 [email protected]<6? AF3=:4=J @7 36:?8 E2<6? 2324< 2E E:>6D 3J [email protected]?E6CD H:E9 [email protected]= [email protected]=6 [email protected] C67FD6 [email protected] 36=:6G6 E92E #FDD:2 πŸ˜€ 2EE24<:?8]k^Am

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[email protected]?E23:=:EJ [email protected] [email protected][email protected]:@? πŸ˜€ :?6G:E23=6[Q +6=6?D<JJ D2:5 πŸ˜• 2 DA6649 62C=:6C E9:D J62C] Q(96E96C :E H:== 92AA6? [email protected]>@[email protected] @C E96 52J 27E6C [email protected]>@[email protected] πŸ˜€ [email protected] BF6DE:@?]Qk^Am


kAmΒ©a_aa {@D p?86=6D %:>6D] ‘:D:E k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]=2E:>6D][email protected]>^Qm=2E:>6D][email protected]>k^2m] s:DEC:3FE65 3J k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]EC:[email protected]?E6?E286?4J][email protected]>Qm%C:3F?6 [email protected]?E6?E p86?4J[ {{r]k^2mk^Am

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